Audio Production Services

Full service audio production & sound design, from concept to final mix and master.

Professional Audio Production

Music composition

We specialise in creating original music to a brief or by using references to other songs - which can be useful when trying to help the client identify what they want.

“We want something that sounds a bit like…”

When sound-alike music has been used to create an offline edit, it can be difficult to move on – the production team has become used to it. Creating a bespoke composition to a brief or references helps us to help you overcome this familiarity, surpass the make-do music and move on.

Sound design

We believe sound design to be incredibly important in making your production sound real and place the viewer in your environment.

Our massive 5TB library of high quality sound effects and foley helps us achieve this effectively and our custom database means we can find the right sounds very quickly without trawling through endless audio clips.

We also make custom sounds by recording different objects and even by using synthesisers. So you get first class sound effects that are realistic, interesting and in keeping with your needs.

Voiceover artiste sourcing and recording

Using the right voiceover artiste is vital if you are to engage your audience and convey a message clearly. We deal with most big voiceover agencies and can help you find the right sounding voice for your project.

Once found, we can get a quick voiceover session booking in a central London recording studio at a time and location suitable for you.

All editing is done in-house and mixed with the backing of your choice. All backing tracks are ‘ducked’ with the VO to ensure it sounds natural and is audible over the music.

Audio Post Production

Dialogue editing and audio repair

We can take your voiceover recording and place it in a video or film production or sync to events within any type of production.

If the voiceover has errors or over-loud breath sounds or just needs time stretching to fit a given length of time, our audio engineers can help.

Mastering to EBU R128 spec. for TV broadcast

Depending on the format of your production, you will need different mastering and loudness levels. For example the loudness levels will be different for web compared to television broadcast, where there are a very specific rules - or your production may not get played.

Read more about EBU R128.

Mixing existing music and dialogue or sound FX

If you have pre-recorded music or library music and voiceover ready to be mixed and mastered, we can help at short notice. Sound effects can also be added to these projects and mastered to any technical standard.

Sound for installations

Experiential sound for galleries & visitor spaces

We create bespoke music and sound effects for public spaces, working to a brief and creating something that works with the space - both musically and sonically.

This enhances the visitor experience and makes it more memorable. We understand that this audio work should not be intrusive, but should complement the space and the event therein.

Room setup and treatment advice

Sometimes a space will have its own ‘sound’ and will resonate to certain frequencies. This can make the music or ambient effects sound unnatural. We can help with this either by treating the room acoustically or by adjusting the equalisation of the audio in order to compensate for the rooms acoustic deficiencies.


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